Candle Nutt CandleWorks is a family owned business located in the beautiful historic town of Corinth, Mississippi. This is a place where magnolias bloom, families are close, and traditions are held dear to the heart.

Years ago, the tradition of candle making was necessary to supply light in the home. Today, candles provide a much more pleasant presence in our homes by surrounding us with fragrance and helping us to relax after a long day.

At Candle Nutt CandleWorks, we think of candle making as an art; combining beautifully vivid color and rich texture with the perfect fragrance.

Unwrap a Candle Nutt Candle and let the fragrance surround you. Light a Candle Nutt Candle and let the fragrance astound you.

Only the best quality ingredients are used. Fine quality wax, premium fragrances, and lead-free wick combined with attention to detail results in the exceptional quality candles that the Candle Nutt is known for.

We offer over thirty wonderful fragrances specially blended to compliment the vivid color and rich texture of Candle Nutt candles. Choose from Clean Floral's, Fresh Bakery Aromas, Tart & Sweet Fruit Blends, and Crisp-Clean Herbal Scents. The intense fragrance will last from start to finish.

An Intensely Fragrant Experience.

From the Candle Nut Tree; Candle Nut, the fruit of a euphorbiaceous shrub (aleurites triloba), is a native of the Pacific Islands. It is called Candle Nut, because when dry, it will burn with a bright flame, and was used by the people of this island as a candle.
Also, the fact is, we're just simply Nutts about candles!

Take away the stresses of your day – light a candle and relax to the soothing scent of your favorite Candle Nutt Candle.


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